System Attendant English version in the works

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System Attendant English version in the works

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I was pleased to hear back from Mark99 this month about my offer to translate his file management program System Attendant into English. He sent me the program .txt file, and I spent a couple of weeks translating the interface and comments to English. I made a few other improvements too, such as outlining the white text of filenames with black edges to make it more readable when the names are printed on light-colored thumbnails.

I now name all of my smartBASIC programs with the extender .sb. Then the name doesn't have to be changed when they are copied from Dropbox. I modified System Attendant to treat .sb files the same as test files, including giving the option to load them into the program editor. I hope Mark99 will retain that feature.

System Attendant also has a program builder-editor that contains the entire smart BASIC manual in Russian. I didn't need to translate this, since I already had a set of .txt files that covered the smartBASIC English manual. I have now have sent him a Dropbox link to the program file I worked on, and the English manual files.

Mark99 would like to create a single new version with the option to choose Russian or English. He will work on it this summer, and plans to post it on both the Russian and English Basic Programs pages when it is ready.
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