Reading the Spark Core temperature sensors

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Re: Reading the Spark Core temperature sensors

Post by Marcel » Sat Jun 17, 2017 6:43 am

Unfortunatly, I'm aware of that. I do not have an Apple computer nor do I want to buy one. But for now, smart BASIC will suffice for the goal I have. Maybe I'm activating my Pi (it sleeps :D ) and install a REST Api server on it the get rid of the Particle Cloud servers. I have to select te devices for my purposes:
  • Smart meter (serial)-Spark
  • Water meter (pulse counter)-Spark
  • Heating meter (serial via optical link)-Arduino
  • Radiation meter-Spark
The problem is that the Spark Core has a flaw in it's serial function to get the serial optical link working. So I have an Arduino that does the job perfect and connect it to the Spark Core. I also have thoughts to do the whole processing on the Pi and publish it on the local Pi webserver.

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