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Speed Dialer

Post by rbytes » Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:19 pm

I am breaking my New Year's resolution by posting this program before anyone else has contributed.
Ton (Dutchman) asked me to. (I had shared the program with Henk and Ton privately)
I understand his concern. We are both wondering whether any contributions will be made to Basic Programs by anyone other than the two of us and occasionally George. It is already almost halfway through January and no one has offered anything.

Speed Dialer does what the name suggests. Install it on your iPhone, iPad or both. A sample phone list is included. You can edit the entries to the names and numbers you want, but keep the same format. Once those entries are corrected, add more names.

Tap on any name in the list to call that number. Click OK on the popup.

Add, Edit and Delete work in a similar way. First press the desired button. An entry field will appear near the top of the list. See the screen images below. To Add, type a new name, description and number into the field and press OK. To edit, scroll and select from the list the entry you want to edit. Make your changes and press OK. To delete, scroll and select from the list the entry you want to delete and press OK. All of these actions are also described in the Help page.

Check the Help screen for more features. You can make phone calls from your iPad even if it doesn't have a SIMM card, as long as your iPhone is on the same network. The iPad will use the iPhone to place the call, but you will then be able to chat and control volume entirely on your iPad! A very cool undocumented feature of the PHONE CALL N$ command!

Here is a Dropbox link:

https://www.dropbox.com/sh/cpyk3zefi881 ... LJ-ya?dl=0
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